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Nov 1, 2023

Mary Ruddick is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist currently based in Europe and Africa.  She has personally trained professional nutritionists around the globe. Dubbed the "Sherlock Holmes of Health" for her unique ability to expeditiously assess and remediate rare neuromuscular conditions that others have deemed impossible, Mary Ruddick is a seasoned researcher, educator, medical nutritionist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her writing has been published in medical journals and her own inspirational healing story can be found in several publications.





  • (10:38) The Maasai people who live the most traditional lifestyles are living what us moderns would consider a “utopia”.

  • (22:32) The mental health crisis came as a result of being unhealthy in general.

  • (28:12) When you eat organ meat, you take in a lot of serine.

  • (34:34) Another practice within these indigenous cultures is that there is no trading of food, meaning everything eaten is native. Their food is also traditionally processed.

  • (45:25) You don’t need to completely remove plants from your diet, but gravitate towards those that you enjoy eating and have been properly prepared to minimize toxicity.

  • (53:12) When optimizing your nutrition, don’t focus on achieving balance. Focus on avoiding deficiencies.

  • (1:08:42) There are different levels of nutritional knowledge.

  • (1:21:17) The concept of “Blue Zones” as presented in the mainstream is largely misrepresented.



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