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Oct 17, 2018


Tucker Goodrich is a Wall Street tech extraordinaire and nutrition science enthusiast. After doctors and the healthcare system let him down in severe and avoidable ways, he took his health into his own hands and had amazing results. He’s done a ton of research on Omega 6 fatty acids otherwise known as seed oils otherwise known as vegetable oils previously known as an industrial waste product before we started feeding them to humans. He makes a compelling case for them being a major factor in many, if not all, modern diseases. You’ll definitely not want to be eating fast food fries cooked in old, rancid vegetable oils after this episode.

The sunburn stuff at the end is legit. I won’t spoil it, but just know Robb Wolf just backed this up on his podcast with science. There is a mechanism there that makes total sense and I’ve seen it anecdotally as well.

We seem to have stalled out with the Food Lies film Indiegogo campaign. Please keep supporting us there. This documentary and podcast is all done by support of people like you. We’re not taking any outside money other than from my own pocket to fund this. Thanks so much, I sincerely appreciate it.

Show Notes

  • Works on Wall Street and developed software that deals with trillions of dollars of assets
  • Had a stroke-like event at age 38
  • Then got acute diverticulitis
  • Got a colon resection and followed “healthy” diet and doctor’s advice and was still sick
  • He called himself “Mr. Whole Wheat” - stopped eating sugar when he was 19 so that wasn’t it
  • 16 years of IBS… finally found Stephan Guyenet’s blog
  • Started fixing himself in 2 days using dietary change
  • His surgery was probably unnecessary
  • He is well connected to Daniel Lieberman and The Story of the Human Body
  • Diseases of civilization
  • Agriculture allowed us to build cities, paved the way for written language to keep track of grains, etc.
  • We over-hunted all the very large animals
  • From eating grains we got shorter, got cavities, lesions on bones, all while our population exploded
  • We used to be more robust and have bigger brains
  • Diabetes used to be super rare - we have medical records of this
  • Cancer a huge problem in Germany
  • Heart disease in England
  • Diseases went around the world as eating patterns went around the world
  • We even give other species diabetes and our diseases when we feed them our foods - monkeys, dogs, cats - even racoons who eat human garbage
  • Weston A. Price needs to be mentioned for his great work
  • Realization came at the salad bar with the dressings
  • Cut all vegetable oils and cured himself
  • Cut out carbs and processed foods and exercised less and lost tons of weight
  • Started doing more research - lots of people said seed oils are bad, but nobody really explained the mechanism back then
  • Maybe the largest epidemiological study ever on saturated fat in India looking at the northern and southern populations
  • The south who ate like our food pyramid suggests had 7-15 times the heart disease rate
  • How about England? Heart disease skyrocketed with the intro of seed oils
  • Okinawa is a Blue Zone - place where people live abnormally long
  • First fast food restaurant opened in Okinawa
  • Okinawa went from the longest lifespan in Japan to the shortest
  • Seed oil consumption tracks modern disease all over the world
  • These cultures were eating a high carb diet so it's likely not the carbs - the carb consumption actually went down
  • Japanese and chinese are some of the shortest populations and they subsist on high carb, low meat diet. We know we got shorter when agriculture was invented. We know when we lower carb intake and up meat intake populations get taller
  • Grains are a “fallback food”
  • It’s funny that rich people in Santa Monica purposely try to live in the Failed Environment Metabolic State while thinking they’re morally superior to us
  • Tarahumara Indians eat this way - their children have a malnutrition rate of 80%
  • Carbohydrate is a cofactor. 5 key studies: rats and diabetes & heart failure; (Ghosh 2004); LA and obesity (Alvheim 2012) Lyon Diet Heart (De Lorgeril 1994); Seed oils and insulin resistance in India (Nigam 2014); Seed oils and NAFLD, (Maciejewska 2015)
  • Lyon heart study - lowered Omega 6 and raised Omega 3 to improve heart attack risk of repeat by 70%
  • William Lands: “I’ve studied saturated fat for 50 years and never found a mechanism that it could kill somebody”
  • American Heart Association’s “Prudent Diet” proved to be outright harmful to people in this study
  • History of LDL cholesterol and heart disease
  • To make LDL atherogenic omega 6 fats need to be oxidized
  • Researchers found this mechanism before De Lorgeril had success with replacing Omega 6s with olive oil, where he improved heart attack outcomes without knowing the mechanism
  • Researchers prime rats to get cancer and can’t do this unless they use omega 6s
  • Western Cancers and the P53 gene mutation
  • Japanese women moving to America breast cancer went up 7 fold
  • Why is there DNA damage present in all western diseases?
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of all western diseases
  • Avoiding heated seed oils is not good enough - damage still happens inside cells
  • damaged cardiolipin cause mitochondria to stop working properly and is primarily caused by excess carbohydrates in the diet
  • A lot of disease is teed up by excess carbs but the seed oils are what activate the damage
  • Asian countries and rice consumption
  • Knockout gene and detoxifying seed oils
  • Selenium deficiency in China and glutathione
  • Omega 6 fats combined with glucose causes oxidation and can be seen in a petri dish
  • Women in CHina were getting lung cancer that didn’t smoke - turned out it was cooking with seed oils and inhaling the fumes
  • Seed oils break down into one of the same toxins as in cigarette smoke
  • Seed oils used to be an industrial waste product
  • There’s no conspiracy theory - they thought these oils were fine. They aren't acutely toxic, it takes years to do damage
  • Everything has a U-shaped curve - too little or too much is bad
  • There’s essential fats in dairy and maybe more we don’t know about
  • How do vegans temporarily survive?
  • Kitavans
  • Sunburn and diet - how could they possibly be related?
  • His wife with dark skin and his light skin
  • What’s the mechanism?
  • His radiation research
  • Evolutionary context for omega 6 causing sunburn (or lack of omega 6 making us able to not get sunburned)
  • Now are omega 3 to omega 6 ratio is a nightmare
  • Giving omega 3 and a better diet to prisoners helped with their behavior
  • Weston Prices studied diet and its effects on troubled youth as well
  • Not everyone needs to cut out wheat, but just know it’s effects. Everyone should cut out sugar, refined grains, and seed oils though
  • The amount of physical grinding of starch affects your digestion and health in a negative way
  • Gabor is actually the next podcast guest
  • Japanese people eat high starch but it’s in its whole form, not ground
  • People are confused on what healthy even is, so it’s hard to be healthy
  • Going to restaurants is not even worth it anymore when you can make things better at home
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