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Nov 17, 2021

Today's guest is my good friend Dr. Gary Shlifer who has a clinic in Los Angeles and is not afraid to speak his mind on the current public policy on immune health and other controversial topics. He previously made an appearance on episode 48.
In this episode, we reflect on the mainstream narrative on immune health over the past 2 years. We primarily discuss how the media and government tend to ignore some of the most important factors for staying healthy and building a strong immune system – diet and lifestyle. Dr. Gary is a co-founder of Sapien where we promote a more ancestral diet and lifestyle and host the Sapien Podcast together.
DISCLAIMER: The opinions and information provided here by Dr. Gary Shlifer and Brian Sanders are not to be taken as medical advice.
Dr. Gary Shlifer is a board-certified internal medicine physician specializing in preventative care, nutrition/metabolism and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Gary brings his robust experienced with hospital inpatient medicine to his outpatient primary care practice in order to help prevent and cure disease in his patients.
He is the founder of Evolve Healthcare in Los Angeles, a multi-specialty integrative medicine clinic focused on disease prevention and lifestyle optimization. After Immigrating to from Russia with his family at age 3, Dr. Gary grew up in the San Fernando Valley where he returned after his medical training to build his practice. Through his companies and community outreach, he works to promote his message of healthy living, eating and lifestyle practices while developing into a leader in his community.
Learn more about his practice! -
  • [6:55] How big industry destroys our health
  • [12:55] Physicians and individuals need independence
  • [17:55] Is science being treated as a religion?
  • [21:55] Most risk factors are modifiable
  • [25:25] Our new culture of fear
  • [30:55] Does industry control mainstream health advice?
  • [33:55] Brian’s pothole analogy
  • [37:25] The political domination of our health
  • [41:55] Why your vitamin D level is so important
  • [44:55] Dr. Gary’s mandate story
  • [50:55] Why are so many people quitting their jobs?
  • [55:55] Dr. Gary’s parents’ generation
  • [1:00:25] How the government and media overplayed their hand
  • [1:04:25] Eating clean and feeling good go hand-in-hand





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