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Sep 20, 2023

Dr. Joel Kahn is a cardiologist, integrative medicine practitioner and promoter of plant-based nutrition. Having practiced traditional cardiology since 1983, it was only after his own commitment to a plant based vegan diet that he truly began to delve into the realm of non-traditional diagnostic tools, prevention tactics and nutrition-based recovery protocols. These ideologies led him to change his approach and focus on being a holistic cardiologist.




  • (16:52) According to Dr. Khan, if you suffer from heart disease, consider a plant-based diet based on science.

  • (20:38) We start to develop atherosclerosis in our 20s and 30s.

  • (31:00) We have more than enough data that a human can live through their reproductive years on a huge variety of diets.

  • (47:08) To assess whether or not you’re on the right path, assess your own cardiovascular status.

  • (59:54) 30-40% of heart attacks, strokes, and early deaths are due to genetic factors, completely regardless of nutrition and lifestyle.

  • (1:09:50) Examine whether or not your lifestyle is working for you. Don’t just assume it is.


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