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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Apr 18, 2023

Ashley and Sarah Armstrong, aka The Strong Sistas, are powerlifters and nutritional coaches who are passionate about bioenergetic nutrition and regenerative agriculture. Suffering from autoimmune disease, the sisters have adopted an animal based lifestyle, utilizing the Carnivore Diet and the Ketogenic Diet, which has transformed their lives. Today, they live on a regenerative farm in Michigan and, in addition to their coaching practice, co-host the Rooted in Resilience Podcast. 




Show Notes 

  • (04:59) Your ability to produce energy, resist disease, and eat a wide variety of foods is developed in the environment you grew up in.

  • (12:38) We need to develop food awareness rather than food fear.

  • (19:57) Reduce your endotoxin load to mitigate its negative impact on estrogen and serotonin.

  • (31:58) There are many misconceptions around PUFAs and saturated fat.

  • (40:27) A weight loss program can result in health issues because even a short-term caloric deficit leads to a significant decrease in thyroid hormone conversion from T4 to T3.

  • (50:29) Calories-in, calories-out does matter; but, the state of your thyroid impacts your basal metabolic rate.

  • (55:50) Ease of digestion should be considered when determining what to prioritize in your diet.

  • (1:05:32) Dr. Ray Peat believes that the small intestine should be relatively sterile

  • (1:13:09) Putting on muscle is extremely advantageous to women over 30.